I hit a...

Yesterday I was driving to work and in an area where a lot of children play, I slowed down to give myself the time to stop if need be. You never know what little kid might run out from behind a car and in front of you.

I was watching the right hand side and the road, doing about 25mph. When all of a sudden a dog ran out in front of me from the left side. I hit the brakes, screeching to a halt but I did strike the dog. I hit her in the back end and I must have spun her back end out from under her. I didn’t run her over and she ran back to her house. But more importantly, the car is ok.

So I’m dedicating this Thread to all the things we have hit while in our cars. Maybe we’ll get some good stories.

Very first day i had my BRAND NEW 03 i was driving to my girlfriends house to go to a phillies game. Well on my way over there im just drivin along the road a bird FLEW INTO by left headlight. I stress flew into because it came out of no where, and flew into my damn car. I sat there and was like WTF!! LOL but the headlight was fine :smiley:

i slid off the road in the rain on the way home from prom and took out a sign post

second day I had my 03 I had a stone come off the back of a truck on the highway and chip the hood and crack the windshield.

last summer, i was driving home from work, and that same damn thing happened w/ the bird. cept this came from the right, and put tiny tiny stress cracks in my headlight. You cant even notice them unless your looking.

oh yeah…

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In my first car (91 VW Passat 5spd) I hit a coon driving home.

In my dad’s old Dakota (keep reading to find out why it’s his old one.:slight_smile: ) I was driving my brother back to work after having lunch and driving him to take something to drop off for school. (he’s about 7yrs older) It started snowing and we were heading down a 5 lane road (2/direction+1 center turn lane) and some lady in a 2nd gen Escort lost traction turning left from the other direction…brakes did nothing since there was no ABS, so I drifted left lane to right lane to smoke 'er in the front passenger fender sending her back into the lane she came from…facing the other way though. And I ended up taking down a load limit sign and then forcing the truck to kiss a phone pole. We were both fine, but the poor truck was totaled. (I wasn’t speeding either. :wink: ) And while were waiting for the cops/tow truck we saw another accident at the same intersection…not nearly as bad though. But really I did my dad a favor…he got a truck two years newer, with 40k less miles, power windows and locks (then I got him fobs for keyless entry) and no more leaky aftermarket sunroof! (none at all, but oh well)

In my ZX2 (3rd day I had it I think) I was taking a girl from work home (she ended up being my g/f a li’l later, but then she dumped me, but it’s okay 'cause I’m getting married to a far more beautiful and all around better female in July…you all know her as Tigress) and I got rear ended by some jackass in a Chevy or GMC truck. At first he almost t-boned me coming out of an alley, but then turned behind me until a stop sign, but he didn’t stop for it, therefore hitting me. THEN HE DROVE OFF! So I sat there at the stop sign for a second (about a tenth of a mile from her house…and this is the first time I’d ever hung out with her) fearing my rear bumper falling off…then I take off after him. by the time I’m done accellerating I’m doing about 70 in a 35, then I see him run a red light and get T-boned by a Sunfire spinning him around. He takes off the other way past me and I stop to wait for the cops to show up…and assess my damage. So after the cops show up a truck drives by and it’s the dumb ass! He ended up being arrested for drunk driving and so forth… I only had minor scratches on the rear bumper and some of his license plate’s paint.

Also, while later, another jackass was driving around me… I was following my friend to the mall and we made a left turn through a light behind a buncha people and they stayed left, so we both cut over to the right lane and start flying by them. Well…one smart jackass in a big red GMC/Chevy SUV…those guys must all be retards…anyway, turns right from the left lane infront of my friend, so he slams his brakes and I slam my brakes, but I lock up and end up gettin’ his rear with my nose. (this street happened to be his g/f’s street for extra info) I “walked” away with no airbag deployment and minor crazing of the front bumper cover above the Ford emblem. Also the two black braces are busted clean apart, but you can’t hardly notice unless you’re looking.

Soory for the length…

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Good stories. I’m glad that so far, no one was really unsured. I feared the worst stories (gruesome), but they have been good so are.

OMFG i cant beleive i forgot about this!! THe third day i had my brand new baby, i had just been without it for a whole day cause i was getting my amps and all that good stuff installed, so once i got it back me and my buddy went out to visit my GF at the time. Well by the time we headed home it was like 3 in the morning. And there is one road that i take to get home and its in the middle of no where, no street lights NOTHING. And i fell asleep at the wheel. I woke up to a Dodge Neon approaching fast in front of me. I managed to slam on the breaks, but i still collided with her. Gave my nice new car 8000 worth of damage and bent the frame =X Took me about a month and half/two months to get it back. 0o0o i was pissed lol And my friend kept tellin me, well it coulda been alot worse, but at the time i was like WTF man my car just got pwned!!? But he was right, and shes all fixed now.

I hit another Airman about 2 months back and got a Letter of Counseling. It was not cool.

5 min ago I hit a squirrel. LOL

might i ask how you hit another airman pip? and what did the letter say out of curiosity?

I misjudged the size of the 15 passenger van and whomped :!: :!: :!: him with a mirror. A letter of counseling basically says I got yelled at profusely, and this bears witness to that fact.

again out of curiosity, couldnt the airman move outta the way?

if I saw i was about to be hit by a van i would sure as hell get outta the way, no matter what my orders were. I hope that letter doesnt go against your record in any serious way.

He was walking too close to the road, but I shoulda at least moved outta the way a little.

LOC’s aren’t good, but they are really nothing to worry about.

In my first car ( a '93 chevy cavalier Z24) I had just gotten my car paid off. I was following a friend from church to her house. The light turned yellow and I thought that she was going to go through it so I sped up wanting to make it through with her since I had no idea where I was going. But anyway she decided to slam on her brakes. I turned the steering wheel to the left while slamming on my brakes hoping to miss her but I ended up rear-ending her. Luckly she was my friend because we didn’t call the police so I didn’t get sighted but my car was totaled out. My right headlight was completely pushed back and my front bumper was about to fall off. Thankfully no one was hurt though. Before I got into that accident I backed into my dad’s truck that was sitting in the street. He still thinks that it was out neighbor till this day!! lol.

Since my first car ended up damaged I ended up driving my parents '87 olds cutlass ciera. I was on my way to my friends house. I was making a left hand turn with a green arrow and some jerk ran the red light and hit me and ended up damaging the front and the side of my passenger side. I couldn’t even open up the front passenger door. That car got totaled out. I didn’t get hurt but I was pretty freaked out.

In my '99 ZX2 I was driving Darron (Foos Fight) and I to Fazoli’s to get some dinner. Anyway we were behind this minivan that had something that was suppose to be a ferret and Darron and me were kinda making fun of it. We were taking off from a light and a stone flies up and chips my windshield. I hadn’t even mailed in the first car payment yet!! Boy was I upset. It took Darron forever to calm me down. It is really itty-bitty but I still hope to get it taken care of before this winter so it doesn’t spread. I took it to Keystone to see if they could just patch it but they have to replace the whole windshield because of the impact points. If they were to go in and try to just repair it I guess they risk busting up the entire windshield. Its going to cost me about $200 to get it replaced with labor and everything. We’ll see what happens. Kinda hard to just spend that much right now with having to pay for part of a wedding and saving for a new place and such

(I also appologize for the length)

before i owned a car I was driving the 'rents taurus. 3rd day after getting my license. I pull into the parking lot at my highschool as I was going to meet friends to go snow boarding and was enjoying my new found freedom in driving myself around.

well… I pull up, and my friend who had just gotten his shiny new neon earlier in the year, was like “lets go”. “in the parking lot?” “yeah, lets go”…


we went. being i had the bigger motor and he had a car full of people. I immediately took the lead. after going about 300ft in the parking lot I figured the fooling around was over and turned and slowed down… just in time for him to t-bone me at about 20mph.

It was at night and I was heading back from snowboarding w/ 2 friends in my moms 02’ Chevy Astro. I dropped 1 friend off and there was a Wendys down the road and I was like “yo Im hungry, lets go grab something quick,” (seeing that I love the chicken strips) and he was like “shure.” Well we went through the drive through and ordered everything. Meanwhile it had started snowing lightly. I decided to back into a nearby spot in the parking lot, and all of the sudden “”"“SMASH, CRASH, BOOM “””". I slammed on the brakes, I WAS LIKE “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT,” there in the shadows was a large 5" round tree limb that had fallen and was sticking out of the brush. OMG it was so freaking loud. I drove home practically shaking because I was so scared of what my dad would say. I got home and was all nervous and got my mom and dad and they were like “What happened now?” I told them, and they came out and saw it. HUGE hole, glass all over the rear bumper, back seat, and floor. I ended up paying every penny for a new window. In all it cost me $570 because those windows are “privacy tinted” and they have the rear defroster. IT SUCKED