I had to sell my Suzuki RM125! :(

I wish I had pics. But they are all on my other computer.

the story is i blew the top end on my dirt bike before winter hit. So In April I rebuilt the top end. I had to bore the cylinder and then install my new bigger piston, gasket kit and such.

So i got it fixed up and it was FAST!!! It rode like it was brand new.

4 days later, I lost compression again. This time it was leaking a butt load of oil/gas from the case. My sisters boyfriend said most likily it was a crankshaft seal. Which means the crank shaft is garbage and so is the new top end i just did. This thing is a money pit and i could not take it any more. Once im financially stable I will get another motorcycle/dirt bike/quad.

but the upside is im getting an old kawasaki mojave to play around with. I’ll probally just build jumps in my yard and give this beast it’s run of its life!!!

:( for old bike :) for new bike!

im going to have to wait until i pay of my lap top bill and credit card bill before i can get something new to ride. im thinking a 4 stroke this time. Since thats the only thing you can get brand new. i think a 250 will keep me happy for a while. Thats if i get another bike though.

Well I got the quad this weekend. It need a good carb clean out. The spark plug needs to replace. The thing runs for a good 10 mins and stalls. It’s fun as hell though. It’s not fast but it’s something to keep me busy with. It needs some work to get it riding more smoothly, but as far as I am concerned, it’s good to go!