My baby got robbed! They took my bass guitar, effects pedal, sirius radio, and most importantly my $300 G-Tech PRO RR. All together I’m out about $900 but they caught the guy who did it and I’m supposed to get my bass and effects pedal back, but I want my G-Tech :cry: and if I ever see him I have a ballbat in my car he forgot to steal with his name on it!!! :evil:

that really sucks, sorry to hear that

So will you get everything back? I hope you press charges.

dude press charges!!!

I hope you have receipts for the other stuff. your lucky, alot of vehicle break-in’s never get solved.

i got carjacked in seattle when i was moving to alaska. i had all my stuff in there, and i was up in the space needle when half my crap got stolen.

Sorry to hear that dude :frowning: Definetly press charges. You are extremely blessed because they even caught the guy. Good luck with everything.


Yes, you are lucky you were able to get the guy caught.

the back of the knee caps dude! that’s where u gotta hit him. he’ll still be able to walk, but w/ a limp, and he’ll remember where he got that limp!