I got pulled over for my exhaust

I was driving home threw tuxcedo Ny and got followed by a cop , and then pulled over . Make the story short , he said he was pulling me over for my exhaust . I asked him what was wrong with it ?..he said “its modified” . I said , “Of course it is , the old one rusted off and I replaced it !!!” "It has a high flow cat , silencer , and a muffler "…"The car has 148,000 miles on it and the exhaust is way under the decible limit in N.Y.!!!, Then he said , I’m just gonna run your license and if everything is ok , you can go…after he gives me my license and drives off, I turn to my girlfriend and say "THERE IS NO DECIBAL LIMIT FOR EXHAUST SYSTEMS IN NY!!!AS LONG AS THERES A CAT AND A MUFFLER , THEY CANT DO SHIT !!!hahahhahahaahaaaaa

LOL, chris if you can put in the “applause” smiley that is what I’d put here.

bwahahahahaha…that is great…:: standing ovation::…you just made my day with that one…