I figured i'd post my hilarity.

Things I’ve done on the ZX2 since i’ve owned it…

  • Brake pads
  • Rotors
  • Basic essentials
  • General maintenance
  • Please note, she has NEVER LEFT ME on the side of the road.

944… since i’ve owned it since april…

  • Greased all wheel bearings/repacked. Twice. And replaced several…
  • Full brake job
  • Clutch master and slave cylinder replacement
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Countershaft belt replacement
  • Power steering pump belt replacement
  • Accessory belt replacement
  • Power steering flush and fix
  • Tranny flush
  • Brake flush
  • Clutch flush
  • Tail light rewiring
  • Clutch pedal adjustment
  • Full tune up - wires, distributor cap, rotor
  • Cap tip fix, since the DPO decided to loctite and glue the rotor to it…
  • Brake fix for the e-brake
  • CV Joint inspection and repack
  • Full CV Joint axle shaft clean and wire wheel down and regrease with synth moly
  • Cooling system bleeder replaced
  • Coolant flush, twice
  • New radiator
  • New thermostat (2 aftermarket, 1 new OEM)
  • New expansion reservoir cap
  • Refreshed wire plugs for all tail lights
  • Fixed door lock on driver side
  • Fixed several grounds in engine bay
  • Fixed starter assembly wiring corrosion
  • Cleaned up and repainted the aero pan
  • Resealed air box
  • New K&N for air box (previous OEM was crap)
  • Fixed seat brackets and floorpan
  • Fixed drain plugs that were clogged, resulting in pools of water corroding wiper motor and several grounds… also resulted in insane gauges in rainstorms…
  • Another tail light - passenger side
  • Replaced all bulbs in tail lights.
  • … Replaced all bulbs in the Porsche light display in back…
  • … Replaced headlights…
  • Corrected defect in power steering pulley, resulting in slipping/flapping belt
  • Corrected tension rods for alternator/power steering as they had broken
  • Cleaned out hatch latches as they were sticking from crap being in them and tubes being clogged
  • Replaced tubes for bleed holes on hatch
  • Cleaned out bleed holes for spare tire area
  • Refreshed the axle housing on both sides as well as all the pieces the inner bearings sat on and outer bearings, new seals
  • Replaced master line from brake master cyl to clutch master cyl
  • Replaced lower radiator hose since radiator was improperly installed and was at an angle that the electric fan was eating it alive.
  • Replaced shift boot (was torn and ugly)
  • New battery (old one had too much load on it from wiring issues since fixed)

Not even gonna dive into the 924, that list will make me cry.

Just would like to thank Ford for making a nice car that has never left me stranded. I find it a BIT disappointing that after a 924 and 944, that not one of them has held up to a “being built Ford tough” standard, and that my ZX2 has actually helped me during the times my 944 was down.

Frustrating. But thanks ZX2, for always coming through :slight_smile:

wheres the like button?!??!

Ahh this is zx2ms.com not facebook! =) lol! My bad!

Yeah I have had very few problems with my zx2 over the years that I have owned it. My first one kept me from harm in my accident with a bridge as well as my passengers. My second one has kept me better then I have kept her =( but she’s still fun and reliable.