I cast magic missle!

Seriously, all things considered, I’ve seen people get crap for playing RPG video games.

But honestly, if you’re doing this and still wondering why you can’t get a girlfriend, well, professional help may be something to seek.


Its like an RPG but in real life WHOOHOO! I cast magic missle!

But wait read the FAQ!

Q: Can non-fighters participate?
A: Noncombat classes have already been mentioned. But, Amtgard is much more than the battlegames. In addition to the feasts and quests, Amtgard holds campouts, arts and sciences competitions, live performances such as bardic singing and belly dancing, gaming tournies, workshops (how to build armor, etc.) and so on. Amtgard is a very diverse group.

Dunno about you, but not sure i’d ever want to see a bardic belly dancer.


Seriously mom, don’t make fun of me, someday i’m gonna be a REAL warrior!

And you better watch it! If they rush that castle wall it could be DISASTER!


Sorry, a friend sent me this and I just had to comment.

well now this is embarrassing…lol!

my friends and I tried this a few years back. We were making our own armor and stuff. It never really took off though. I think we played like once.

Don’t be embarrassed. I had a friend invite me one time and i came and watched. So I have witnessed it. But this is actually role playing. I have seen war re-enactments and what not, but this is like “Ha ha i’m level 5 now!” shooting magic missle type stuff. However, there are also groups that do this that just do war re-enactments and not the whole “I shoot magic missle!” stuff.

See, it would be fun if you could take it lightly like that, but there are groups that I know that turn it into a shouting match over who got who. Real 5 year old stuff.

Yeah some people have a huge tendancy to get carried away and its really sad, it like consumes them.


Magic Missiles are for dorks. I personally like Chain Lightning.


For that, a Karma point!

I myself have been apart of several Renaissance carnivals, but no live action D&D stuff. I think I would feel real retarded telling somebody I cast Fire Ball on them. But that being said I think I will check out the local Ft. Campbell chapter. If nothing else I can laugh at them.
After reading there site, I wounder how a monk attacks? everybody else gets foam swords, monks use there hands and feet… so does this mean I can go “Jet Li” some guy on the field. Also if I crack them in the neck does it count as a Critical Strike?

Yes. Yes it does…lol

Haha I’m going to do blunting damage with my +3 longsword! Therefore I have to take a -2 penalty on my hit roll to attack you, but you will be knocked unconscious, which will let me coup de gras you with an automatic critical death strike +10!!! Haha then I will backstab your corpse for an extra 10d6 of damage because I’m a level 12 Thief! I 4tw!


Fuck it… I’ll just use “Power Word 'Kill” spell and be done with it.