I broke it

well,I managed to make my wife proud of me and break her toy.99 zx 5sp.the trans is stuck in reverse.from what I’ve read here,it sounds exactly like a detent.I’m looking for a shop in southern wisconsin thats reputable to rebuild it,and install a centerfoce clutch as well.thanks,Andy

BTW,I couldnt help it its too much fun LOL

bummer! well… you pay to play :lol: would be lying if i said i wasn’t guilty of that now and then.

I’ll give Jason a call tomorrow (he lives there krux303) and see if he knows of any for ya! welcome to the forums

Thanks a bunch dude!this place is pretty cool.

i unfortunately have been in a strange, horrific personal rut, so i have not been on here and recently started getting on again. so i’ll be around. i’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

jason isn’t aware of any shops in his area that do trannies. might give rob at zxtuner a jingle and see if he does them or knows anyone that does.


Make sure you tell him zx2ms sent you! :slight_smile:

Any decent tran’s shop around your local area should be able to do that. Either could be a bent fork a or bad de-tent in the tran’s causing it to lock up. I would bring it to a shop have them look over the forks, syncros, and change the de-tents or anything else. There a easy tran’s to rebuild.

I did the same thing to my Z. Busted the shift fork while it was in 4th. A shop near me did the work for $400. $200 for parts, and $200 for labor. That’s right, the $200 included the spider gears that were toast in my transmission as well.