I bought a ZX2 Today!

I’m excited!

It’s my first car -I’m a poor 19 year old university student and hopefully it’ll do me well.

Its a MTX '98 with 180,000km on it, I bought it for $2200 CDN after a lot of haggling. I need to fix the e-brake, do all the brake pads and replace a bushing on the front right. Sounds like fun.

Since I’ve just bought the car I have the compulsive need to spend money on it, so I’m looking to replace the oil filter, oil itself, and spark plugs. I’ve been surfing teamzx2.com and have looked around here but I can’t quite seem to find a dedicated maintenance thread. If there is one, my apologies (if I could get a link to it that would be great).

So, any recommendations on the filter, oil, and plugs? Any other things I should replace after buying this car used? I’ve been reading up a little on oil filters so just please don’t recommend FRAM (http://minimopar.knizefamily.net/oilfil … ml#mc-fl1a) :smiley:

Congrats and welcome to the site.

When it comes to oil filters, the Motorcraft OEM oil filters are great. There aren’t really any maintenance threads because most of the parts you can pick up at AutoZone, Advance Auto or whatever parts store you have around you.

If you are looking for performance parts, just click the link in my bottom post here.

If you need anything, by all means ask. Many people in this forum are knowledgeable are willing to help, which is good. And of course always check out the Search feature in the forum.

Welcome to the site! Be patient with this car, and it will treat you well.

Welcome to the Family!

Welcome and hopefully youll love these cars as much as i do.