Yeah, so I got in my first wreck, well… crash. It was with a woodne fence, and we’ll just pretend that nothing happened to the wooden fence cause I don’t even remember where it was. But anyways… two of the half a foot wide fence posts came into contact with my fender and my rear quarter panel on the passengers side… missed the door… the wheels… the front bumper… the back bumper… the hood… how I’m not sure, guess I was just blessed. But, now I have to figure out where I can get a new fender and rear passenger quarter panel, and if it’s even possible to replace them seeing as how the quarter panel is molded to the roof… ouch. Any help would be appreciated.

For the fenders, you could just upgrade to some fiberglass ones from scottwurkz, or other places. For the rear panel you’d probably have to go to a body shop…

  • Darron

I would highly recomend just going to a body shop. At least go to one and get an estimate to see how much it will cost you and then go from there.


I would also recommend not heading to scottwurkz website. There has been quite a few of bad things going on with some of his deals…