How To Struts and Coil Overs

I’m going to assume that you can get your springs off first for this.

Now we have a bare strut.

The first thing to do is knock that silvery cap off at the top. I’ve got an old cut down screw driver that I use to knock things out it has been cut so that it has a flat end. Using light to medium hits go around the cap until it can be removed.

Place the cap to the side as seen in this picture.

With your GC kit you will have received rubber rings that are used to keep the sleeve from rattling around and from getting a bunch of crap inside (it’s a bit larger in diameter than the strut). I choose to use good ole’ duct tape here instead. 2 winds should be enough.

Next, slide the sleeve into position. I chose to leave the stock strut perches on.

You do have the option of cutting the perch if you think you’re going to be “slamming your ride”

As you see here, I put the GC adjustment perch into position.

Place the spring into position.

My next step was to put on a stock “cut” (meaning I actually made it smaller) “bump stop” You can choose to do this or use none at all and put the top cap over the spring.

Next is to put the whole assembly onto the strut mount, and reinstall the nut.

Picture of a completed SR Strut and GC coil over…. Ready to be installed onto vehicle.

Just remember to put the strut onto the correct side with the brake line tab facing front.

There you go…. That was easy, wasn’t it.

PS used camera phone… hence the crappy pics.

Easier than I thought it would be. Cool.

+1 installing my struts was pretty easy but it’s awesome to have pics for people who are visual learnings. Awesome stuff, thanks man!