How to guides?

Meanings the other site lost their stuff… we have a head start on this one…

WHAT How-To guides do we need?

Lets get a collective mind going here and get this stuff rebuilt. I’m more than willing to post and host pictures and how to guides. Now obviously i can’t do anything crazy like how to install a clutch… but here is what I can probably do:

  • Updates on the UDP how to if you have questions
  • Upper and lower resonator mods
  • Console how to (in other words, how to take it apart and put it back together so you can install a stereo, etc…)
  • Changing the oil (sounds silly for many, but for some this is a must to learn)

Who else has requests? what can YOU help with? Lets get this puppy rollin’!

wow, there were so many how to’s on the site. its hard to remember.

I have saved:
ATX2MTX checklist
cruise control install
independent fogs
power locks/windows install
rear disc
conversion for 4 wire to sr pcm

I have the how to on removal and install of the tranny! I took one image off it tho…

I can actually do up almost any how to you want.

I’m in the process of making a pdf format for every spec on the 99 escorts both zetec and spi