How to do a VCT delete

Ok all of you guys are talking about deleting the VCT but why and how?

search for VCT on google…

When you get the information copy it into notepad…

Select All

then hit the delete key. There you go VCT delete.

lol!! Just playing around… I think that there is a tutorial on

I still dont think your going to gain any performance deleting it.

The mod is very simple. The last plug on the head is the VCT sensor. Just put a freeze plug in there. Then you must take off the belt that changes the exhaust CAM position. You are all done. Now you can put on aftermarket gears and cams on the exhaust side.

If you want, you can get some of the extra stuff from that will allow you to keep the some of the parts in the same place. You will need a shorter bolt for the Cam Gear, but you can get it from

This Mod will throw a code and the “Check Engine” light will come on. To stop that, you will need to modify the ECU.

Another way to do VCT Delete, use a SCTx2 to change the VCT to “0.” This will do the same thing without actually removing everything. But if you buy some aftermarket CAMS or Cam Gears, you will still have to perform the delete.

Do you see gains from doing the Delete? NO.
You do the delete if you are putting on a new cam and/or cam gear. That is where you get your gains. Just have to tune it in.

or you could just rip out and put a duratec in


Though the Delete could be done quicker and cheaper.

What is VCT exactly?

VCT stands for Variable Cam Timing.

Essentially it advances or retards the Exhaust cam for emissions purposes. The funny part is that they only did it on the Zx2 though the Focus and Zx2 share the same engine.

Variable Camshaft Timing…read this:

Good info.

Ok, so why exactly would you want to delete the VCT in the first place? and how is putting a Duratec cam gear different from deleting the VCT?
(im looking to completely ovehaul my 98 zx2 and i wan’t to know exaclty how every single part works so i get it perfect and don’t F up)

FYI: im not a noob, im just new to this forum, im a member on as well, i just found this site. thanks

why would you think of putting a duratec anything on it? that’d cause major problems, aka it won’t work. VCT is often deleted to make tuning the car easier and so the owner can dial in the cams where they want them

I did it and I’m getting the ECU re-flashed…later on down the road…to tune it to the aggressive cams and timing that I have set for it along with some 32# injectors. Trying to build the engine for about 10-11k RPMs…I know it sounds crazy but I know done right the bottom end can handle it…Obviously with work done to the internals. Lightweight High compression Pistons, Piston rings, H beam connecting rods, re-balanced and lightened Crank shaft. Blue printed and Cryo-treated. already have about 25k into the Z prolly need about another 30-40k to finish it…why this much money on this particular car? Cuz getting beat by this car will seriously piss people off. that’s why…oh and because I can.

You dont plan on doing this with a stock or “ford racing” oil pump do you?

good god no with this type of mechanical tuning im going to have alot of part Custom made…hence the ridiculous amount of money I am going to have to spend. (i realize that 40k is still low with custom work…but its my happy delusion let me at least hold on to it until its too late…lol) prolly going to go with a custom dry sump system.