How to change your stock color light gauges

Hey guys I’m preparing the information that I hope will be interesting if you want to see your stock gauges in a different color for cheap…coming soon

Nice! thanks Pich!

Ok, here we go!

U have to remove your gauges panel

take off the stock gauges sheet

scratch the green color from the gauges sheet back side with a knife

stick to the sheet back the lighting color filter that U prefer (you can find it in the tv and film lighting equipment as rosco or lee filters)

and then…

perhaps you’ll need to remove your needles, do it applying hot air

take back the panel gauges to the car and…


I gotta do that.

just got a few questions for you.

How did you get the needles off?

How did the ‘green’ stuff peel off with out taking off the black backing?

that look great pich ill have to do that when i finally get my hands on a s/r guage cluster

when U get the gauges cluster in your hands use a hot air gun, heat the base of the needle and then U can remove it easy.

the black surface is the plastic sheet is no paint, but take care when remove the green one

good roush, wanna see the S/R gauges when finished

theres a few s/r’s in the area im waiting to find one in the j/y sooner or later

little dim in some parts but a neat mod nonetheless.

SWEET!!! I would like to maybe try doing that. That is if I am not some how able to get the after market gauges. I still like those quite a bit too. None the less good job and an awesome idea. What inspired you to do that?


well…I just imagine how many combination can I get with out pay for a new gauges just changing the color filters, I know this material because I am a lighting designer for tv and theater. Thanks 4 asking Miranda.

imma get my boyfriend to try this this weekend

does anybody wanna switch me guages? or know where i can find the KPH instead of MPH being big? I wanna swap them out


Call a Canadian Junkyard.

Hey Pich,
That is totally cool. Sounds like that would be an interesting field to get into. Where can I get my hands on some color filters and how much do they cost?


Miranda, take a look on this web site:, inside you’ll find the dealer near you. A 23" x 19" filter color sheet it’s 2 big for the gauges project but it’s really cheap, around $5 dlls each.

Awesome!! Great job man. Is there any fix for the dim light that lights the mileage?

well the odometer is the only one place where its a little difficult to change the light color caus there’s a straight light from the bulb

W00t yay im gona change mine to blue w00t w00t nice work :smiley:

i got a question…if you take the needles off with hot air is it easy to put back on? like does is snap back on???

and another question (this probily already got answered…) can you change the needle color? :smiley:

thanks…and i know this is an old topic :wink: