How-To: Brake Caliper Painting....

Well I decided to get up this morning and go to work with my dad. I also decided to take my brake calipers along, paint them, and take some pictures.

Dupli-color Brake Caliper Paint Kit: Comes with brush, mixing stick, paint, and caliper cleaner:

Caliper on the left is a little clean…the right one is still dirty:

You spray on the Caliper Cleaner and scrub off brake dust and other build up with either a toothbrush or sandpaper.

Then once they are as clean as you are gonna get them…just start to apply coats of paint onto the calipers with the brush supplied in the kit.

I put about 3-4 coats on my two front calipers:

Another few pics of the painted calipers:

So here are the easy steps:
1.Clean Calipers as much as possible.
2.Apply as many coats as you want (15-20 minutes in between coats)
3.Let dry

I will get some pics of the calipers on the rotors and on the car once I get a transmission.

Is there any kit to stay away from? I knew someone who painted theirs and after a few weeks of driving most of the paint fell off. Then again, I think he just spray painted them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Those look nice. Let us know how the paint holds up:)


sweet dude! i saw that ar wal-mart for like 12 bucks and i was thinking about getting that but i didnt know how to take it off :frowning:

can u help me out? :stuck_out_tongue:

You dont have to take the calipers off…mine were off because my transmission was out. Just tape up around the calipers and paint them like that.

Here is a picture of the caliper behind my wheel.

sweetness looks tight :smiley:

nice work

is there a blue set i can get somewhere? :smiley:

I only saw the kit in red…but you can paint them blue with some high heat spray…it works great also.