How long will the Zetec last without a rebuild?

I’m almost at 100k miles, i keep getting stories of “100k!” or “150k!” other ahve told me 200k, how long can the little DOHC run? It’s so damn expensive to rebuild the little suckers!

By the way, if it helps, i have not hotrodded the car in forever, didn’t attend autox this season, only last season and change the fluids very often only using Castrol high mileage oil, have not gone to synthetics. But I am babying the car now.

Id say about 150,000 miles. At school we used a escort for the drivers ed car and it had about 190,000 miles on it and it was a slug. Granted it was like a 1997 SOHC escort.

125k strong , stock clutch

You are? ok that’s a relief. I think I’m starting to hear a bit of valve train noise, but then again i am also due for an oil change and DOHC cars make a lot of noise before an oil change, but it seems to make more noise than it used to, yet feels just as strong. Normal? When I checked with a magnifier and a light under the oil cap the cams looked fine, you could see where it had the wear marks but it looked healthy as ever, is that a good sign?

130k strong and just replaced stock clutch for dual force friction clutch, wasn’t really anything wrong with the old one. these little motors will easily run 200k, just depends on who’s taking care of them.

2 things i think will extend engine life. not high reving it (racing) & using a synthetic oil (mobil 1, royal purple, amsoil, etc) i use mobil 1 myself. it’s the cheapest of the 3 & most available. i have a 99 just hitting 80k & running great.

ive been putting aimsol synthetic race oil in it since the day i got her …want my motor and trans koi? i dont need it anymore

what do you mean? you have a spare tranny laying around?

Would it be okay to change the car to synthetic at this mileage?

You haven’t been paying attention? He’s swapping for a 6cyl! OF COURSE there’s a spare engine/trans…where you located HKS…? lol Anyone know if a Zetec would fare okay in an 83 S-10 regular cab? lol

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im in york pa … read my sig specail ed lol jk i think yellowsr wants it tho … im still not ready to pull the zetec even tho i found my duratec and just have to drive down to nc and pick her up … so many memories of that little motor so many hondas killed so many 5600 rpm clutch dumps and it never gave me a prob.

yea man, gotta talk to parents, see what they think, you know how it is, (dad “yes” mom “NO”)

yo hks, is it auto or manual? if its auto that other guy can have it!!! if its manual I want it if the… OMG I CANT BELIEVE I JUST PUT THAT, IT JUST POPPED IN MY HEAD cause u put “so many 5600 rpm clutch dumps,” of course its manual. So anyhow now that I’ve cleared that up, milage on it. Any tranny problems, gears grind, pops out of gear, stuff like that.

nope ,2nd gear is a little stiff to get into but im thinking thats a bushing problem thats about it doesnt make any funny noises or anything the shifter has been ghetto shorted and doesnt have any threads for the knob so you gotta use set screws … ill prolly even give you the ford racing wires, and zxtuner low temp thermo( new in box) with the motor motor also has new radiator( dunno if im keeping that or not) new water pump, new deep cycle alternator

sell the wires to somebody else, Mine yellow ones should arrive here in the next day or 2

I’m at 163,000 original clutch, original motor/timing belt… I’m the second owner I bought it from my buddy at 157k… It does have some valvetrain noise but I get between 27-31mpg in it and it runs strong(better after swapping out the intake)…

Is there anything that should be done when these engine get this old? Timing Belt or anything? I’ve replaced brakes, front wheel bearing, and then all the normal tune up items…


yeah the timming belt should be replaced every 70,000 miles

timming belt it will go on u very suprised is didnt go already
but get that done and maybe a tranny flush it wont hurt

ohhhh i need to do the timing belt thanks for reminding me, i’m at 94k miles or so.

our 94 EGT is still going strong with over 400,000 miles on it . . ok well I lied…it don’t seem to have the balls it use to… but it is really mean in first, but after that she bogs down…like crazy…lol