how fast

Whats the top speed any one has had their zx2 up to.The highest ive taken it is about 95mph

118 :smiley: not that fast but I ran into traffic

138 mph. But i ran into a state trooper

I hit the speed govener at 101mph; prior to getting my SCTx2. Haven’t tried since.


been up to 106… havent been able to hit the governor yet and with bald tires… Im NOT trying anytime soon.

People have pegged S/R speedos before. You need to have Z rated tires before you even try it though. Do not try it on stock tires or anything not rated for those speeds.

  1. :-D Damn govenor but I dare not remove it with my stock tires.

Hmm. Not that I endorse it, but is there a way to raise the governor with an SCT? Say to 115?

I will have to go back and check but I believe it is either ON or OFF.

Dang it. A year ago if I only had like 10 more mph I coulda owned an Acura.

thats why I like my super chip modual no speed govener plus plenty of power :evil:

120 with dad pacing me in his ctsv

110 until a guy suddenly got in my lane !!! :-o

saw my cars life in a second, lol

last time im going that