How do the zxtuners svt heads rate

ok so im new to this place still trying to figure things out. But does anyone know anything about the zxtuners svt head they sell. Are they any good and how hard are they to install. I race zx2’s on dirt tracks and need more power to beat them damn NEONS!

what kind of modifications have you done so far?
are you running stock or aftermarket cams?

As of right now i have the computer with the code of ngpo and a super chip and i have unplugged the knock senser. The problem is i get teched after every win and the car needs to have stock parts if not its deemed illigal and i get disqualified. So what i thought i could do is get the svt setup in my car becuase they came with 170hp stock. and i know the 2 cars share the same block but the svt has a better head. I could diffinitly get away with putting aftermarket cams in my head right know but what ones are the best and how much gain will i see. I dont know i have built a lot of muscle cars and have a 9 sec camaro right now. This is my first time digging into a fuel injected 4 banger so any feedback from you guys would be great!

the svt head will not be a direct swap, and lots of parts including the svt’s intake vct setup will have to be nullified (and that will look non-stock to the tech guys).

adding cams and a udp will do a lot… the max rev II intake and max rev exhaust have a nice powerband to make that motor pull hard from 4k-7k without any lower end torque loss.

what are you running for headers? do they allow headers in your class?

ok so the more research ive been doing the more im realizing the svt head swap just isnt going to fly. so it looks like i will have to rework my head. Those cams you speak of they sound like just what i need to get things goin does zxtuner have those if so do you know the p/n’s? What about milling the head down? how much do you suggest? how about a vct delete does zxtuner have those? Yes we can run headers as long as they come stock. So im in luck with the svt headers. But i know they dont fit well. is the zxtunner header a copy of the svt’s whats the deal with that because i want to buy one.

the svt header on the website is the oem svt focus header… it will take cutting off the secondary tubes and rewelding in a more zx2 friendly bend there - it is a lot of work.

the stock focus short tube manifold/header flows better than a zx2 manifiold so that with a heat shield will look stock. if you need to run the stock cat then you can add the focus cat and reshape the lower pipe going back to the exhaust system.

as for milling the head, i’d recommend taking off no more than .040" and running the thinner head gasket (zxtuner p/n 1340). new torque to yield head bolts are zxtuner p/n 1324.

i am out of vct deletes, and my machine shop vendor is no more… i am contemplating another run of them but not sure if i can move enough parts to make it worth shelling out the coin for the 100pc. minimum.

max rev II / max rev cam p/n’s are as follows:

max rev II intake - 1201i
max rev exhaust - 1200e
lash caps (required) - 1206


VCT does not necessarily need to be deleted, just defeated. It’s something that I am tinkering with, keeping an eye on detonation of course. On the track in the right gear at power EGR is not used anyway so the real trick is to keep the pingys away during part throttle acceleration on downhill turns.