How can i make my Zx2 Faster?

HEY everyone im a noobie and was just wondering how could i make my car alot faster but kinda of cheaper way. Any suggestions and advice would be helpful. I Hve a 98 Zx2,manual everthing is pretty much stock. Id like to be able to race for a Zx2 team also if anyone could help me I"D REALLY APPRECIATE IT ALOT!

JATO’s work well.


Just kidding. Air resonator mod, pulley mod, exhaust, weight reduction. Etc.

You’ll notice a decent gain from just doing the intake or resonator mod and exhaust, the pulleys will add a bit of response and a tad more hp.

Don’t forget to stick a gigantic spoiler on the back that costs $1000 i hear those are worth 200hp at LEAST (sarcasm on that last part).

hay 98racer whats up
how did it go with the race vs the honda
hope the ideas worked out for ya
any way same thing we said over on riders
pots mod is quick and cheap and works
weight reduction wont add hp but will make the car quicker
and dont forget the stickers they will give u at least 75 whp

One word: “Stickers” Each one can add 3-5 hp, so cover the car in them.

NO! Just kidding. I put these items in order from cheapest to most expensive ($0.00-$450.00). I didn’t know where your CAP was.

Pull the upper and lower air resonator. Adds HP
A capasitor <–Helps with electronics Adds Control
Mustang #19 lb injectors <-- Cheap but some work involved. Adds Control after 70mph
K&N Air Filter. Adds HP
Replace the intake. Adds HP
Underdrive Pulley <–Some modification is needed to the guard. Frees up HP
Rear Sway Bar 19mm or 22mm. Adds Control, higher speeds through turns
Crane Cams Ignition system (cheaper version is MSD 6A 6200, but built horribly). Adds HP
SCT <–not more expensive than tires Frees Up HP
High Performance Tires, don’t nessesarly need new rims. Adds Control, makes sure ALL power goes to the ground

intake header exhaust.