i was cleaning my car and i noticed my intake was loose and then i looked and the bracket broke off… should i bother with hotshot in getting another light weight piece of s**t bracket or should i make one… and in the mean time is it safe to drive like it is …all lose

First of all, welcome to the board.

Now…I would say you’d be okay for a li’l while. Myself and ZX2MS both have the CTA intake and our brackets both broke as well. He replace his with some aluminum and I got a replacement from my father (someone from his work made one for me). So I would say, if you can, just make your own replacement. But don’t drive around without a support for too long. I only went a day or two of light driving.

  • Darron

(P.S. I’m assuming the bracket in question is the one holding the MAF)

well i went to ACE Hardware and bought a bracket and bent it myself and replaced it… hopefully it wont break… yeah it was the bracket to the maf

That is a big problem with all of the aftermarket intakes with a bracket. You were wise in making your own.

I have a ton of aluminum left. If anyone wants a new bracket I will make ya one up for $1.00 plus shipping… whatever that might be… Just email me or pm me.

weld it on !!!