horn relay location

I haven’t had a horn for over a year, now. I had to pull over and unplug the horn 'cause one day, out of the blue my horn just starts blowing! I haven’t found a post on this subject, so anyone know where the relay is? I’m reasonably sure it’s the cause.

Pull the fuse for now.
Though I’m sure you already have.

Thanks Mirror.I just pulled the lead from the horn. I’d like to replace the relay, so I can inform these slooooooooooooow Ohio drivers I’m about to crawl up thier tailpipe if they don’t get out of my fast lane.State law and my windshield banner says “SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT” Apparently you don’t have to be literate to get a license here. My windshield banner is printed in reverse, so they can read it in the rear-view. There’s no law about being an asshole.


  • Darron

Groove City/ Grovetuky/ Grove City (SW Columbus burb) Any ideas on locating the relay? I honestly don’t use it much, but when I do I uuuuuuuuuuuuuse it. I mean I’ll lay on that bitch and take a nap til I get off of it cause you pissed me off enough by causing me to hafta take my hand of my sexy ass Hurst knob. :-o
You’re up in Dayton, right, Foos? Hit me up on e-mail (see profile) if you’re headed this way.