Hoooooly crap.

So your choices are…

A. Get stabbed in the foot with a rusty knife covered in chili sauce, hot sauce, smoldering bacon grease and oil…


B. Do the timing belt on a porsche 944.

What would YOU DO?

I should have chosen option a. But for some weird reason I decided to do option b. My god dude. 4 hour job. Literally to GET TO the timing belt, do all of the stuff, get it out of the way, take the measurements, lock the flywheel, deal with all the crap i had to was 4 hours. Next time I doubt it’ll take half that because NOW it makes more sense. But holy crap man. You have to go through not one… not two. Not three. But FOUR BELTS to change. Stupid ridiculous. Then to top it off the tension has to be near perfect so it doesn’t either skip a tooth, ruin the water pump, or screw up a pulley. Nice.

Then you get the pleasure of “Moment of truth!” where you turn the key and hope your engine doesn’t grenade.

Ah yes. The wonders of working on the 2.5L 944 motor.

She purrs like a kitten now, one of my buddies came by to help me so i didn’t have to do all the steps by myself. But for the first time ever doing a timing belt on a 2.5L Porsche engine… i’m proud that it went so smooth.

Except that i got pulled over by a cop for my running light not on… i installed the tail light the night prior and it didn’t work. When i told him “Hm, it worked last night” he kind of gave me a look like “Yeah right, that’s what they all say…” but i got it working and he let me know, but not before we talked about cars for a few. Cool cop… nice guy.

Celebratory beeeeer!


So i called carrera motors to get a quote on how much it would have been to have them do it, for shits and giggles.

$2000 is what he told me.


Total cost of belts + beer - $96.

Total savings - $1904.


lol. sounds like you had a blast.

You should of taken pictures of the steps you had to go through. Those cars are a nightmare. Glad to see you got it going though bud.

Glad you got through it.


I’d pick A.

I am with her. The motor I look at these cars the more I would rather throw myself in the ring with Mike Tyson for a round of fighting.

I wouldn’t mind some of that beer you had though. You know…for the pain. :smiley:

What beer was it??? I only drink Michelob

Not sure. I just remember that there was a 6 pack.

6 pack in his gut or in the fridge?

I’ll never let Derek get fat. If he does…then that’ll mean I’ll have to find another man. haha :lol:

LOL Owned. He told me over the phone that he is like 135-140lbs. He’s a small guy just like me kind of funny.

Yeah, he’s pretty tiny.

damn yall are skinny

Oh please mr. “I am 110lbs when wet”. Ive seen your pic’s LOL

Am I the only one over 150 in there? :lol:

LOL sadly I think you are Eric that is funny than crap right there

Don’t worry…I have you beat.

Your a small guy mirror

Last checked 290lbs. I have put on about 60lbs over the past year and half. Stress and poor diet. The poor diet issue has been resloved, but the stress is still there. Hopefully that will be resloved by the end of next month.

Yes, the stress has an end date, lol.