Honda and Toyota will be on the run!

So the day started at work and my bro calls me (he’s a Lincoln Finance manger at Tasca Ford) and tells me they just got in the new explorer and Montero also the new Lincoln zephyr and mercury milan. So later after work I went to go see the cars and man, the explorer and Montero look really good, but the milan and zephyr look nothing like in the picture. I am still waiting on the fusion to come in but I heard everyone saying who test drove the cars said they are solid in and out. I think Ford really has a winner to hurt accord and camry.

I too am waiting to see the fusion. From what I hear here at work it is a pretty sweet car. Basically a smaller version of the 500 and alot like the mazda6 too. We have invoices for them so we should be getting some in pretty soon here.


Oh and your gonna love it too. The ride quality is awsome.

Car and Driver gave the Fusion RAVE reviews. That is pretty high praise coming from a magazine that HATES Ford’s mid-sized sedans.

We have people calling the dealership left and right to see if we have them in yet. We also have people that are actually waiting for them to come in. I guess we are suppose to get them in before the end of the month.