home page photo!

for the last three years i have been looking for a site to contact the person that owns the ZX2 on the home page, Now that i have found a forum for my car that i can talk to people about our car. i would like to knoe if any knows where i would be able to get that body kits i have been INLOVE with it every since i first say it!

i am not looking to copy that complete design i do have some changes that i would do to it.

if anyone is able to tell me how to get that body kit i would love them forever!

in a platonic kinda way!

thank you in advance :mrgreen:

Welcome to the site! You should make a post about who you are, your ride, etc… Let us get to know you!

Which ZX2 is it that you are interested in? We have alot of knowledgeable people here that will be able to answer your questions and point you in the right direction!

thank you i will do that for sure.

I am wondering about the orange Zx2 with the mustang kit! it’s titled ZXNR i think!

Ah, the NR. The ZX2 that never was. It was a concept that was supposed to come out in 04, but the whole escort line got shelved.

I thought the NR was the inspiration behind the 03 front end!!! Dont go dashing my belief’s now! lol!

Well, I forget exactly how it went down. But the N/R is a thing of legend. I wonder where it is.