HKC Exhaust, mufflers, etc.

Hey all

We have been approached by a local distributor regarding universal mufflers and exhaust components. They have already offered us some universal polished T304 stainless steel mufflers, one in particular, has a back pressure reservoir that reduces the backpressure and helps the exhaust flow. These mufflers also come equipped with removable silencers. The muffler pipe sizes vary any where from 2" and up. We have some 2.25" universal and the back pressure type available. Price for the the universal will be introduced at $70.00CAD ($62.00USD) each, the back pressure style, $125.00CAD ($113.00USD) each.

The back pressure style muffler, you may have seen on some aftermarket import exhaust systems for Honda’s and Nissan’s.

These mufflers are available now. Please contact me or post here for further information.

Backpressure Reservoir Muffler

Universal Muffler

Add to venders section. I have purchased from them before and was very satisfied.
Their parts are also located in my signature under “Prices, Parts and Locations”

offer sent out waiting for responce. I’m not sure on some things chris was talking about

Holly shit! these looks like a rocketeer propulsor…