His ass is movin' OUT!

I know I didn’t post up the original thread known as “my neighbor is really damn loud” on this board, it was on another, so for reference purposes Here is the thread on the other board

I’ve had enough. I’ve given the guy the benefit of the doubt at least 10 times now. I think he mistakes my kindness for seriousness. I finally called him the other night and told him to turn his crap OFF. He gave me a boohoo poor me i suck at life and my girlfriend broke up with me story. GIVE ME A ****ING BREAK! I’ve heard this BEFORE! I said “No, you don’t, you’re not a bad guy” tried to be nice about it and told him to turn his crap off and he did.

I thought that was the end of it. HAH!

I finally went through my text message history, since he moved in i have called him on 10 different occasions and texted him on many other occasions.

Last night was the last straw. He said the night before he was going to be quiet. 3 cars pulled up, one blocked my garage and wouldn’t move, the rest were parked and him and his loud ass new girlfriend were upstairs talking, blabbing, laughing, being loud and running up and down the stairs. They finally turned on his new big screen tv downstairs and I was fed up with it.

Instead of calling him, i dealt with it, till 4 in the morning, at which point I called my property manager which is a great friend of mine (we share wine, beer, hang out all the time, he’s my best friend, great guy) who was not so happy to be called in the morning. After a lot of discussion he called his wife who called the owners of the place.

They talked about it, called me back and are filling out the paperwork as we speak to evict him.

I feel bad, but at the same time he reaped this with his own actions and is a product of his own actions. If you’re an ass and don’t respect people, your ass is OUT.

Its such a nice complex i love this place… 2 stories, my own garage, my own yard, but each one is attached with a thin wall. But i mean they’re by no means a bad place to live, so i don’t know why they attracted this asshole (or how he could afford to live in the place with his job)

Oh well, he’s OUT. I’ll be crazy no more!

Wow…congrats! I know you can only deal with things so long. Hope the next tenant is cool.

  • Darron

Jeze, I hate those kinda people. Glad you were assertive enough to get this rolling.

Well it went well.

He threatened a lawsuit and lawyer, all that great stuff.

After the owner of the joint called his bullshit saying “You can’t afford to pay rent on time, WHERE are you getting the money for that?” he started looking for a house.

It has been peace and quiet :slight_smile:


Nice Darth.

  • Darron