Highland 2006 Meet Video and Pics

Video from the Highland meet the other day!

Right click, Save link as… WARNING ITS 15MB’S!!!

[url=http://www.318am.com/images/Video/Highland%202006%20Web.wmv]http://www.318am.com/images/Video/Highl ... %20Web.wmv[/url]

For the rest of you that were there post up your pics and stuff!!!

No racing? :frowning:

no racing… =(.

It was just a cruise.

Looked lke fun mark wish i could have made it

it was great! Next time you’ll have to come Mike!

Looked like fun guys:) I love how you kept the “camera diving” in the video. That was great:) Can’t wait to see any other pics that you guys may have.


tight lil video. i liked the first camera dive… cops lol. he shoulda just got a shot of the cop for laughs.

btw… what’d u use to edit?

…nice video, you got a great time ridin’!!!

I used windows movie maker… and yes it was a Pain-in-the-a$$!!!

I could only add so many transitions then I had to save it as a movie to add more transitions.

Funny part about the first camera dive is that today I found my registration… it was in my room the whole time. lol.

Second time we almost got into an accident. the camera dive was actually my friend mike lunging forward as I slammed on my brakes thanks to the kid in the mercury.


windows movie maker sux. i use adobe premier pro. windows takes an hour too load when u open it. and not enough potential. but its aight for quick vids.

yeah the dives were funny…“i dont have my registration” slip the pig a donut and he’ll leave u alone

I didnt have anything else to use so thats why I used movie maker. yeah it does suck. lol.

adobe premier. I couldnt remember the name of it!!!

How the hell did you spell my username? LoL

Aside from all the shaking while you were driving, the video was great!!! Can’t wait to attend another meet!

Premier Pro… Good stuff… 99% identicle to Final Cut pro for Mac… SO, if you know 1 of these 2 you will know the other. Even the shortcut keys are the same… LOL

I now use Adobe Premier Pro, I used to use Pinnacle Studio Plus 9 or some crap and it kept freezing after a while.

lol sorry Sal! Ill get it right with the next video!

I yelled at my friend Mike for that. Most of the video that I cut was zoomed in video. made the bumps even more extreme then what was left!

yeah, i just started using premier… i need some practice w/ the effects and i’ll be a pro.

Teamzx2mi.com will have a BBQ meet which I hear was f’n awesome last year, so I’ll be joining that, its in the southern east part of Michigan if anyone was interested in coming out there. Just go to http://www.teamzx2mi.com for the meet details.

thats a lil far for me lol

4 me 2

Adobe’s good for not to big projects but if U really wanna be a pro try to get Avid or Matrox. Problem=expensive