hey hey hey whats up

whats up everyone, i was checking out pictures of my z the other day and decided to see if this place still existed. i still have my tc and its about to be boosted here soon. but just thought i would drop by and say whats up.

Are you boosting with a Turbo or Supercharger?

Its been a while there Kaline! Welcome back! Glad to hear you still have the TC!

i will be getting the turbonetics kit, the TRD suercharger is a joke. the stock tune is so horrible. it yanks all kinds of timig in the top end plus people are blowing seals with aftermarket headers and pullies. not wrth the time and money. plus it yields some horrible numbers. i will be putting down about 250whp and 260wtq at 8psi out of the box. then comes the rebuilt bottom end and boosting up to about 15 lbs. that will put me aroud the 400 mark. but thats too much for a fwd drive car without some heavy tranny upgrades and they just came out with a lsd for it so, maybe in 2 years or so ill rebuild it. there is a company that is working on making or adapting a nissan 240 tranny bolt u p for a rearwheel drive setup, which would be awesome. but they said it wont be out for a long time, lol. something about castng the bell h ousing and shit, idk.

I was going to say that the TRD SC was a joke to put in unless you modify it.

Well reinforce that tranny before attempting to use 400hp. An LSD will only put more strain on the tranny because that excess power will have no where to go, but then you will know where your weakest link is in the drivetrain.

How much can the stock tranny take? And internals take?

the bottom end can handle id say about 350-370whp. a compnay did a test and found the stock engine can handle 450 but only lasted 2 months at that power. the rods are really the weak point. and as far as i know besides clutch and flywheel thier are a few people over the 400 mark and they have the stock tranny. unlike it the celica gts tranny its a beast. once the turbo gets on, clutch and flyswheel are next then comes the suspension stuff. i have springs on there now and they are great but i want real suspension stuf so i am gonna go with the tein coilcover system, got a buddy who gets it at cost.

As a suggestion:

Go with getting some new rubber before getting the suspension done. Reason is the stock tires if pushed normally will give out more and you will kill your stock tires in no time. That is because all that weight is transferred into the tires were as before it was transferred into the springs and tires in the form of body roll.

If you get some new tires, you will get some better handling and a smoother ride. Then when you get your suspension you will be able to turn really hard on the whole system with confidence that the tires will hold.

Hey Kaline whats going on? Hows the family and such?

Hey dude, long time no see. Good luck on the car. Hope all is well.

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Holy Crap! What’s crakin’, George. Loooong time no see.