Hey Guys New to this site

Well some of you may already know me. and some have already THOUGHT they knew me.

Let me just say, I bounce between my dsms and my Zx2’s on a monthly basis it seems. I know the inside and out of both worlds so I hope I can help.

Here is a new addition to my collection. Yes for those that know me, know that this will not stay like this for long.

let me know what you think. Glad to be back fellas. no hard feelings







Hey wickedz,
I see your still alive and out there. Welcome to home. Glad to see you have another zx2. Make your self comfortable but please don’t ever call out like you did on teamzx2 This is a friendly and good site and we will keep it that way. Again welcome and show us more pic’s of your car as it moves on.

I never called out a single person. Once someone stats their opion and then attacks me, Yes I will DEFEND myself. I Removed myself from the site. I wasnt BANNED for bad behavior,it was a simple PM to a ADMIN and that was it. I kinda wished I didnt because I need to contact so many people.grrrr

Will post pics and updates as I gone along.

BARE with me on my progress. I know what im doing now, so we can have a clean car.

Powder coating services to my ZX2, so no more spray paint. Im so excited. Seeing VEGA and my Skirts on his Yellow SR, makes me sadden I didnt paint my Car.

sounds good keep us posted with pic’s.


yay glad to be back

Welcome to the site Wicked!

Cool to see you got another Z man!