He's here!!! ***Now with pics***

Well gang, Momma had the newest ZX2’ner late last night / early this morning.

Unfortunately it was an emergency C section. Both baby and momma are fine though.

Sebastiaan William Van Gaal 5lbs, 9oz (problematic pregnancy)

More details to follow.

Glad they are both ok! We are praying for them!

congrats on the birth!

I’m glad to hear that both mother and baby are doing fine! I wish you the best of luck!


he’ll grow quickly…just be prepared to help your wife a lot while she heals up…

Well gang, baby and mommy are doing just fine.

The placenta had dried out so the baby wasn’t getting enough nourishment.
To further complicate things the cord was wrapped around Sebastiaan’s neck, they didn’t know this until they decided to perform a C section because the heart rate slowed every time mommy had a contraction.

The birth weight was 5 lbs. 9 Oz.
Mommy and baby are out of any danger that they were in.

Can’t wait till they can both come home and I can wait on them both hand and foot.

:-D :-D :-D :-D

I’m glad that they’re both doing well, escpecially given the situation they were in. Congrats again.

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Yup, here they are. Haven’t had the chance to upload any yet.
Mom and Sebastiaan just came home today.





Love the name, That was going o be my next sons name. He is buitiful, may many blessings fall apon your family.