Here's to hoping my birthday goes smoothly!

Let me start off by saying that I have been dreading this birthday…30! YUCK! I am not a big fan of Christmas due to the fact that if anything bad is going to happen it is going to happen by Christmas. For example this year we found out my husband will be permanantly layed off at the end of this week and on Christmas Eve I was diagnosed with a horrible sinus infection and ear infections in each ear. Talk about crappy! And since my birthday is so close to Christmas of course I am not delighted with birthdays either, especially this one.

So yesterday I am feeling a little better and we head off to Wally to exchange one of the kids gifts. We are sitting at a light minding our own business after we stopped for cigarettes and WHAM! A truck the size of a dump truck slams into the back of my poor car! I glance to make sure the kids are okay and climb out of the car with my husband(he was driving due to all the meds for the infections) and immediately start to cry. I can see pieces of my baby in places they should not have been! $2000 in damages for a bump!

I have decided I am going to spend the day washing clothes…that is pretty safe, right? Unless of course I catch my shirt in the agitator and get pulled in. Thanks for letting me vent and here’s to hoping I can at least wash clothes safely for my birthday!

Oh no. First off my thoughts and prayers for you and your family, thank God you are all ok. Secondly I’m sorry to see damage to the car! I mentioned before, that Z is a very special car. I hope things pan out with it. Glad you all are ok though, hang in there.

Things always get worse before they get better. Many people often feel the way you do this time of the year. Dont let it get to you. Think of it as just another day.

I know you probably dont want to hear it, but try to have a Happy Birthday. The sinus infections will go away, your husband will get a new job, The car will be repaired by the truck owners insurance and the clothes will get folded! =)