Here's my zx2 solo car!

I bought it wrecked and sorted out the suspension, chased the mice away, and went racing!

Side exhaust?

I moment of inspiration and $40 I had side exit exaust… I was surprised too. I didn’t know there was a resonator already in the exhaust! It’s really not that loud and it sounds pretty good. I think I would prefer it to be louder… At highway speeds, it almost inaudible unless you kick it down to 3rd gear… I like it!

I like it, it’s different.

Ok, here is a thought.

Get a body kit and cut out holes for the exhaust. Try to get the tip flush with the side skirt. If the skirt looks more flat, get a flat tip. If it is something else, round would be fine. Perhaps you can even do dual side exhaust (I one for symmetry).

That would really stand out. Just a thought.

The only thing is I pretty much got the car for free… I doubt I’m going to put a body kit on it… If I were to do that the badly rumpled driver rear would conflict, and I’d have to get a new front fender as well… The other thing is that if i can talk the local SCCA chapter into doing Rally X I’ll be all over that with the ZX2. I’ve got an 04 SRT-4 for when I want to show off and really move. I think I’m going to go side exit for it as well since it’s so cheap. not really a whole lot of reason to do dual side exit, just added weight… I’m a huge form follows function kind of guy, it has to work first, look good later. If your car is scratch free, and no rock chips, you don’t drive enough. I’ve got 50,000 miles on the 04 SRT, I put 10,000 on the CBR while the SRT was stored, and I put 3,000 on the sunbird. Not to mention all the miles she drives commuting back and forth to Des Moines. I believe in working a car hard, but taking care of it. Fix something befor it breaks, and fix it right.

Side exhaust looks great! I’ve been thinking of doing that myself. Now that I know what it looks like… hmmmm

I agree. The Side exaust is nice looking.