So my car is like offically losing it’s mind or something…

To start off- My check engine light is my bestfriend. It came on when I put the air intake on, we got it to go off, and now it’s back. I figured it was the same thing, then…

This is very similar to the story Tigrss was saying- My car shakes really bad when I start it up, and it’s all coming from under the hood. It chugs and sputters like it needs gas and isn’t getting enough. Earlier today I went to go accelerate from a light, and it wouldn’t go (with a feeling similar to it not being in gear) then it acted like it had run out of gas. So I let off the pedal, and when I stepped down again, it took off like normal. Before this it was chugging worse than normal, and sounded like it would cut off. So I put it in park and revved it a little. I got it back to my work, and there she sits. I’m worried to drive her because I don’t want it to break down on the side of the road and leave me somewhere. It’s been doing this off and on for about a month now. (Like I said, I didn’t get the “check engine light” looked at because I thought it was the mass air meter again.) A couple weeks ago, it was chugging really bad at a light, and the oil light came on, then went off. It sat there and flashed for a little bit. I put it in park, revved it a little, and when the light turned green, she was a little sluggish but otherwise fine.

I know my belt needs to be replaced, so I thought at first that it might have something to do with that. Then I figured it might be the fuel filter since it seems like it’s not getting enough gas. And then with Tigrss’ car, it was something else. SO I’m kinda confused right now as to what it might be.

Have you changed your coil pack yet? I know that once I did that the problem stopped. My check engine light was also coming on.
Also I think that it was recomended to change my plugs and wires also. I am actually hoping to do that pretty soon here.
I hope you figure out the problem. I know that I too was feeling pretty freaked and didn’t want to end up stranded. I am pretty sure that the coil packs are pretty inexspensive. Unless of course you want to upgrade.


funny thing is, before I even checked this, I was going to check my spark plugs once the engine cooled down a little. I was planning on changing the spark plugs and wires anyway since my car got over 50,000 miles. I’ll probably go for broke and upgrade since I’m doing a ton of engine mods anyway.

sounds like a possible vacuum leak to me. check the codes–should give you a better idea where to look. alot of times these cars develop a vacuum leak around the pcv valve–the rubber boot usually cracks or weakens.