Ok, as some of you already know, about 1 and 1/2 weeks ago, I installed the slotted and cross drilled rotors on my car from zxtuner. After I installed the rotors, I took it for a spin, I could hear the rotors cleaning off like they were just washed or whatever (like when you get a lil rust on them from cleaning the car). And now when I hit the brakes, I get a sound from the pads going over the slots and holes and it sounds like Cicadas/Locusts. It is louder at the rear right rotor than any other. Is this anything serious, or is how the brakes should sound???

did you remember to spray the little metal things when u put them all backtogether? I did mine at a neighbors house, and he had some spray, i dunno what it was called, but you spray it on the metal pieces so that it doesn’t make the noise you are describing.

I know what you are talking about, it’s to make sure there aren’t any foreign oils or lubricants on the pads when you install them. Yeah, good question.

Yea, but now when I apply the brakes, It makes that cicada sound.

Well, if it’s making a cicada sound…
…which is totally different than the grasshopper sound.

Did you perhaps get a pebble caught between the disk and the pad? Or perhaps one got caught up in one of the cross drilled holes?

I don’t know anything about this but is it possible that the pads are reacting with the metalic makeup of the new rotors? (I’m probably a fool for asking that)

na, The zinc coating is rubbed off, I guess since its raining, i might as well pull the tire and caliper off to check it tomorrow.

You did rub the rotors with isopropyl or rubbing alcohol before you installed them, correct?

No? No instructions came, just rotors, what does that do. Clean dirt off?

Yeah, there is a chemical film that comes on your rotors when they are brand new… keeps them from rusting on the shelves, and protects them from dust, dirt, and other foreign objects they may encounter. By wiping them of with the alcohol, or brake parts cleaner, you rid yourself of this film, and just leave the steel for the friction material to rub on.

It’s a long shit, but worth a try.

LONG SHOT… not long shit. :shock:

Yea but… the zxtuner ones are zinc coated so you dont have to worry about rusting so I didnt think none of that would be on there. O well, guess Ill just get new pads or something. Any body else know of any of this???

it could be just that… your pads might be worn down enough to the warning plates (or whatever the hell they are called…) they basically scrape your rotors to let you know your brakes are wearing bad

No, i just replaced ALL pads about 2 months ago before I got the new rotors. Ugh, could the pads have the little ridges in them from the old rotors? Could this be causing the pads to “chatter” when the slots go over causing this sound.

how bad were your old rotors wore down?

i guess it is certainly possible if your old rotors had rough ridges.

 |         |
(          |
 |          )  < ridge
 |         |
 |         |                = Alltogether uneven wear
(          |
(           )  < ridge
 |         |

__| |

I hope that turnt out right. But yea The side of old rotors looked like that (not that large of ridges.