help to make it fly...

ok, you have a 2003 escort,below

2003, but what should you do, if ya want to make it fast?oh, it starts by tugging 130 ponies.

Thats going to depend on how much you’re willing to spend.

okay, enough to get it to at least 200hp



HotShot intake has good dyno numbers
Spend some good money on your exhaust
4-1 header
UDP kit
good coil, better wires…
if you can call esslinger, esslinger pistons and their valve train pieces and valves…
you could always go duratec cams.

On a butt dyno i think that’ll get you there… but it may be a bit off of 200hp on that, but that’ll rip roar go. Someone here can offer more insight as to the actual prices on those but there was an N/A ZX2 on here when I first started (can’t remember who it was) who was close to 200hp i believe throwing 9k shifts around, that was a while ago anyone remember who it was? I could have sworn it was white.

But, I’m not bothering to spend that money on my zetec i’d rather save it for my WRX when i get it but hey these are good little cars.

Use the search feature, most of us have posted prices and specs. Welcome to the most expensive sport in the world.


Welcome to the site! I know a couple people that go to Southview! I would agree with Koihoshi…Start with the basic bolt ons (intake/header/exhaust) My personal recommendations are hotshot/Kamikaze/Trubendz. But I had my exhaust done at Midas/Mytee for probably a li’l less than the kit. You’re only 16, so I sure that money is a bit of an issue. (unless you’re the stereotypical Sylvania/Perrysburg kid whose dad will pay for whatever you want, but since you have an Escort that’s not likely) So I would say after you get the i/h/e go for a Diablo chip, S/R drop (Eibach springs and Tokico struts) MSD coil pack, and Ford Racing wires.

That would put you about where I’m at and it’s by no means 200hp, but you’ll keep up if not beat a lot of things in the area. Again, welcome to the board and happy tuning. If you have any other questions feel free to ask, and any help with installs I’d be willing to help with if needed/wanted and I’m able.

  • Darron

how will it beat…?

like 165hp?

but, there is one more slight problem…

i was never taught about engines, so…where should i learn?

First thing you should do…get a subscription of a magazine that interests you and start reading. Not everything pertains to the Zx2 except the engine, suspension techniques, tires and brakes. See how a Honda Engine is built and take that knowledge and apply it to the ZETEC motor. If it’s a piston engine, you can learn from it to your benefit.

Next, use the search feature in this forum and the TeamZx2 forum. I prefer this forum because all the BS is put aside to help one another.

Next, keep watching the forums, you don’t have to post, but you can if you want. Learn what others have done. You probably don’t have a lot of money, so between mods, research for the next one.

Lastly, figure out what you are trying to do with your car: Drag, Autocross, Rally, Circuit or just Pleasure. Pleasure would be a mixture of all, but never really modifying over Stage 1. You can, but it would probably be for one of the other setups.

Drag…and i need to figure out all the parts of an engine, and what they do, right?

Not necessarily. I don’t know what every part is for and such. You aren’t required to know everything before you start with bolt ons. Now, when it comes time to going into the internal parts ‘n’ such you better know what’s going on.

Keep asking questions and like mirror said…poke around the forum. I personally love reading Sport Compact Car. They keep my attention better than Motor Trend, but I subscribe to both.

  • Darron

I personally would suggest taking a trip on over to howstuffworks and read anything about cars that interests you. It has loads of information, I’d start with looking up the internal combustion engine though. It’s easy reading.

Sure you don’t need any of that information, but it may help you understand why changing out a bumpy plastic tube with resonators for some 2.5 in exhaust tubing as an intake could help. yup.

If you can’t maintain a modded car, don’t mod a car. You can get unlikelyhero’s home made turbo kit starting at $1000. But to get 200hp you will have to get his $2500 kit.

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