Help me find a part

well if you don’t know me from zx2-riders, i’ll introduce myself. i’m a 17 year old kid in ga that has some cash to put in the car. my list has changed and i’m not telling what all i’m doing, but here’s a hint.

can anyone help me find a MOMO steering wheel adapter that will fit the zx2? i know zxtuner has one but i think that one is only for the APC/Grant wheels. the only place i found any was at cardomain, and none of the hubs were for a zx2. if anyone knows another place that sells MOMO hubs or knows a compatable hub or car model that i could use instead, i would greatly appreciate it…


You want to put NOS, don’t you?

no i don’t want NOS

u wanna b a ricer?

What is this a questionaire??

No I do not want to be a ricer. In my opinion, the mods I have done to my car have been tasteful and I got name brands. I needed the part number (which I found, so nevermind) so I could go ahead and order a MOMO stering wheel, hub, matching seats, and pedals. No that’s not all I’m doing, I got 5k to go into the car. My car is going to be a show car next year and it needed an upgraded interior. Sorry for asking.

PS: Just because I’m 17, that doesn’t make me stupid, a ricer, or a noob.

yeah, come on give him a break…hes got a nice car…looks great

I was just messin man. O yea, im 17 also.

I’m not sure, but I think the one from ZXTuner is the MOMO pattern. Email Tom and find out.

Can you say… custom, LOL… I’ve never seen one, in all my searching, sorry… what part of georgia are you from… cause I am in a very similar situation to you

I actually found one that will fit (i think) at They are a MOMO dealer and have free shipping, so I might get everything from them.
BTW, I live near Columbus, Ga.

Don’t be fooled. The hub that MOMO has listed as the 1991 through 2003 is for the European Escort NOT THE AMERICAN. The European one has a Hexagonal pattern, the ZX2 as we all know has the round with the two flat sides. I have been looking for some time for the correct part. I think it is the one labeled as 84-90, part number 4525. I will confirm just as soon as I order (probably getting screwed again) and find that it fits.