How is everyone? I’m new here so just wanted to say hello. Just bought a Z a month ago and i’m currently stripping it down to have it painted. I’m thinking a metallic blue …SOmethin like this

ZX2’s pull off blue really well… They also pull off black, red, and metallic grey…
Welcome to the site… If you have any question we will try to answer them…

welcome contour dude - good to have ya on board.

welcome. blue zx2’s are ftw


RED is better…


Welcome to the forums. The blue would look great. These cars do pull off a lot of colors very well.

:o That's what I'm talking about!! Can't wait to finish mine. Rims are most likely getting powder coated black and i'll slap on a similar blue "lip" tape on them. That should be out of control.. I say this because of my older bike.


the polished rims looks good on that blue zx2 posted.

That’s johnp’s car. mine are copper vein powdercoated 93 egt wheels, they look a lot better cleaned up