Hello im Fordboy

hey guys hows it going, im new to zx2ms, but not new to zx2’s.
Im around teamzx2 alot and plan to be a part of zx2ms the way i am with teamzx2

If anyone has any questions let me know

I am from Racine, WI
and i own a 99 atx silver zx2, only mods are in my sig.

Great to have you over here! Welcome aboard!

Yes your on here. Now I can rip on you on the forums and off the forums on aim :wink:. jk jk. Once you get your rim’s post them up buddy. Other than that. Make yourself at home and I glad to see ya

man im so angry to about those rims, i ordered them last wed, and nothing about tracking orders or anything so i called them back and they said that the rims where on back order and they called me to tell me, but i never got a call, and they said since they didnt hear a response from me they cancelled my order, good thing i called or i would have been waiting forever, i put it back as pending, do you guys think i should stick it out and wait for them or should i cancel the order and just get a cheap set of winter tire and rims from tire rack

The new rims are nice though. I think there going to be your summer rims only right?

nope all year round tires, kinda sucks but o well, ill have all season tires on so im not to worried

Just keep them clean and try to keep the salt off of them. My one buddy had nice rims and it went through a bad winter and boy did it take off the finish.