Hello? (echo through an empty room)

:cry: im alone in NY........ :cry: :cry:

You aren’t alone in NY.
Buffalo, NY here.

I’m here to learn what others have done and then try to make the best of my Zx2.

we will have to meet up at the end of august, Ill be in buffalo for a day or two.

im in south east NY, bout a 100mile NW of NYC.


Just give me an idea of when.

Just look at how many “views” this forum has, but only you and I are posting. What’s up with that?

York Pa, and hkszx2 is about 45 min from me in lancaster, pa.

Yea, ugh this guy is in pa also, near us man, Tim Crone, http://www.cardomain.com/ride/295704 http://dexterzx2.teamzx2.com/index.cfm? … bum_id=653

From RI but I’ll be at Shea Stadium on August 13th in the morning with Mark (IronMark) test driving the new Ford Fusion.

I gotta remember to ask for the day off… lol!

I gotta take mad time off this month, hope the boss will let me!


yeah im in york, about 4 or 5 hours away from nyc. planning on taking a bunch of road trips come march of next year in either my 6 cyl z or my friends 89 conquest tsi ( very fun turbo rwd ) also going to participate in one lap of america in either car

What is your engine from? Probe GT?

… i wont be going to buffalo for a while…

the place i work at does this annual bbq thing, and ALL staff have to attend. that sucks I like buffalo…

SVT Contour if I remember correctly…

  • Darron

hopefully it will be from an svt … might just have to go with the regular motor from any 2.5 due to cost and availbilty

anyone from new england?

I am RI.

i am in maine, like real far lol, no one up here does anything to their car so i am an outcast lol, i be t i am a good 6 hours away from whereever you are.lol

Polo we should organize a RI meet or a NY meet.

What do you think?

NY meet. Rochester or Albany. But that’s as far as I would go East.

Yea we should. Make it in the spring.