Hehe HEllo!

Just wanted to come threw adn say Hi since I finally activated my account. Anyways Helllloooooo!! Kinda quiet over here.

it gets busy here and there. Today I responded to a lot. It picks up and goes. Granted its under new construction so it might be a little slower. Yet it should be nice once everything gets on the site.

Oh okay, makes sense. ya the few times if come over here its been not so busy but thats kinda nice, easier to keep up on!

pssh you dont have anything else to do better at home do ya. Its quiet but the layout is really nice. Best thing…it doesn’t crash hahah

Not crashing is a HUGE plus! actually im supposed to put kailey in bed in a minute and im just kinda procrastinating…

does that mean we can go to bed too?

No that doesnt! lol

dang i was hoping

Down boy. Down.

:slaps wrist:


Hey Cappy!! “SURPRISE”


am i missing something?

Ohhhhh yeah.

Welcome aboard the forums :slight_smile: Glad to have ya here! :slight_smile:

You know who she is right?? She kind of smells funny :wink:

welcome to zx2ms chik!

Thank you Derek and Ironmark!

nothing on the comment you smell funny?

Nope, nothing Jason, sorry.