Heel Toe

What pedal sets are ya’ll using? I’m thinking of getting Sparco Long Pedals. Possibly carbon fiber set. http://www.andysautosport.com/ford/1998 … 34225.html

You guys have some right?

Stock pedals work just fine for me.

Ditto, but I have covers over them. Although I will admit I wouldn’t mind changing them, but I probably never will.

  • Darron

I used APC on my daily Driver on My S/R im having a set machined out of billet…

Had an aftermarket set on mine which were working nicely but they wouldn’t stay on. Took them off (all but the gas pedal) and am on the stockie pedals with no covers, works great.

mine are the stocks with the covers off…i just polished them and they look pretty good.