Here is one of the headlghts I have been working on… Now I have to finish the other.




noticed today after it was glued back together that I left a couple finger print smudges on the shroud fml LOL oh well

Looks sweet. get the other one done and get them on the car - or sell them to me :mrgreen:


I am jealous. I would love to do headlights like that with the halo rings too.
And those fingerprints would bother me lol

These are just projectors with shrouds, no halo lights. LOL the finger prints both me but not a shit
ton, cause you have to kinda look to see em.

thoses r sweet man. were did u get the parts to do it.

I just finished a set last night for a fellow forum member. Here check
this thread out, since I haven’t up dated this one in a while http://teamzx2.com/threads/25214-My-Pro … dated-pg.4

I found all the parts I needed on eBay

thanks 4 the info wat do i look for on ebay is there kits one there.

there are kits, but I didnt go with a kit… I went 100% custom. I got some bixenon projectors, then ordered some shrouds, an HID kit, and the relays, bought some wire, soder, heat shrink. And just went to town. This entire project was kinda pricey though. Just the projectors where $80-100, Shrouds $20-50, HID kit $40, Relays $50, and the costs of other odds and ends. And ontop of having a set of lights to work with. I can give you details if you want PM me.