Have YOU done ES Motormounts?

Post your experience! We hear so many mixed stories of the rear bushings being “A pain” and different methods of replacing them. If you did, what year (specifically) was yours, and what did you have to do to replace yours? Some post stories of lifting the engine, dropping the engine, etc… what did YOU do to insert your ES bushings?

I wrote up a tutorial about this. I’ll see If I can find it, if its not in the tutorial section.

When I did this to my 03, I did this awhile ago, so I barely remember what she used to drive like before I did it. I remember hearing complaints about when people did this that they would get a hell of a rattle through the steering wheel. I hardly felt the difference. It definately felt like I was getting better power to the wheels.

theres a reason, when ford racing used to carry them, they only offered a part number for the front only - lol. M-6038-Z2 was for the front torque mount near the radiator. S/R’s only came with the front inserts as well. When putting in the back inserts, engine to chassis vibration increases a fair amount.

as for the install, i’ve done a few and yes the front is a heck of a lot easier to install than the back.

the front mount can be easiest done by removing the radiator fan and putting a jack under the motor (i put it on the cat or oil pan). then taking the bolts off the trans to mount bracket, then the thru bolt, then the lower mount studs and remove the mount.

the best way to do both mounts imo is to drop the lower crossmembers and get yourself a large pry bar to pull the motor away from the firewall once the crossmembers are off and remove the rear thru bolt that way.


I have some or sale…:slight_smile: I never installed them though

I put mine in the mounts before I swapped the transmission in :smiley: