Has anyone heard of ShatterGARD ?

I just ran across this company called ShatterGARD in some guys blog. They have some sort of a crazy tearproof window tint film called VehicleGARD.

Its supposedly makes it just short of impossible to break in to a car through the windows. It apparently makes carjacking impossible and its supposed to make it really really difficult to break into a car to steal the stereo? I guess it comes tinted and untinted. I emailed them and its pretty expensive stuff a kit to do all the windows in the zx2 is 700. But it definetly makes me curious.

Has anyone used this product before? If its any good I would love to set up a group buy. I have an alarm in my car but I would like it I had something else ontop of the alarm security wise. Apparently the company is located out of atlanta georga.

What bugs me about that is what if you are in an accident and breaking the glass to rescue you is the only way in?

Never heard of it, but it sounds impressive. Ask for a demonstration. lol Have 'em put it on a car down there and video tape them taking a hammer to the non-installed side then the installed side to show the effects…?

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Ooh, like Knight Rider.

here’s a guy on teamzx2 that kinda does the same thing

[url=http://www.teamzx2.com/http://forum.zx2ms.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=40370#p40370]http://www.teamzx2.com/http://forum.zx2 ... 370#p40370[/url]

my work has windows like that they are suppost to stop bullets and if a bomb is set off inside the explostion is contained. lol makes you fell safe :roll:

Up here in BC - Vancouver and a suburb called Surrey are the car theft capitols of north america.

I just like the idea of the look on some guys face when he tries to break in through the window to steal my ride and the window doesnt break for him… There are alot of window shops up here that deal in lexan window replacements. Lexan is expensive though. I emailed them and a shattergard kit for a ZX2 is like 600-700us. I will have to price lexan window replacements. 700 isnt bad if I had the money but I want to see what proper lexan replacements cost.

That sounds high, but if you have trouble with your car being broken into, it pays for itself once it’s stopped a couple theives ($500 deductable)

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