Happy New Year's ZX2MS!!!

I would like to wish Godspeed and Good Luck to my favorite group of cyber-friends for the New Year.

For those of you who are in a troubled spot now, may God bless you, and for those who aren’t, may God grant you continued happiness and success!!!

And I’m not drunk. LOL

Hope this year started off good for you all. It did for me, hopefully this will be my year. :slight_smile: Becuase last year just sucked!

Happy New Year everyone. Hope this year is good and prosperous. May God bless and be with you all!! :smiley:


Happy New Year everyone!

Happy new year! Gald I sumbled accross this forum and all its users, you guys rock.

happy new year!

so far so good here!

Happy New Year and best wishes to all.

(Pip wasn’t drunk, he was high!) :o

The way darth typed that last message, i think he was doing some stumbling, maybe a bit too much to drink, lol

Just goes to show I party hard, even on the third day!!!


…I’m wicked late…Happy New Year ya’ll. I know I got some cool, exciting stuff to look forward to this year. Hope all goes well for everyone.

  • Darron

I am really late :stuck_out_tongue: But happy holidays lol :wink:

really really late here, but Happy New Year ya’ll…glad to hear that things are looking up for ya Dan…