Hacked off

Here are a couple of shots of my “hack job”. These, of course, are a couple of the famous “free mods” for ZX2’s that regularly get mentioned.



Buried in the fender where the air cleaner surge tank used to be, is my famous triple note air horn set (O’Reilly Auto Parts-28 bucks, ha). Low and out of sight on the front of the motor is pretty blue Esslinger UDP.

I bet she is a lot louder…do you like it over all?

I love being able to hear the intake when I lean on it. I still have my stock exaust, I don’t much care for the soup can stereos. Besides, I like being able to listen to my engine and my radidio. Invisibility is a prized trait in the land of the cops.

so u plan on every upgrading the exhaust ? and i bet that sound is very cool and i have a stereo in mine and my car is stock exhaust i can still hear both with my radio on

Wife permitting, I had hoped to make my own header and do a parallel pipe arrangement for the main run, similar to the way BMW’s tuck theirs up. By using a twin-pipe I can get more volume with less underhang. That is a future project anyway. I’m researching throttle and intake arrangements at the moment. If I hit the lottery there’ll be no question about putting ITB’s on it :sunglasses:

I love my intake mod :slight_smile: Very similar to yours.