Guess what $80 and 2 hours of my time got me!

Dont peek until you guess!!!1

I know I know but you told me the other day

How soon will it be on?
Are you going to be repainting your whole car or just the kit to match?

Sweet Mark!

The whole needs to repainted. I have several rust spots so this is not something thats going to happen right away. I am shooting for next year to have them on and the car painted. I got looking at the Front lip and while it doesnt fit the 03, I think it could easily be molded into it.

Have you thought about hitting the junkyard for an earlier model front clip?

yeah, but I cant bear to part with the 03 front!

Don’t worry. You can always put it back on during the winters.

Awesome! WW kit FTW!

mark if you want a install get together let me know maybe Ill head up your way. WE’ll try to fit the front also or come up w/ ideas.

Well , fix your rust spots , and put the kit on so it will flex and get settle . Then paint it a few months later so the paint wont crack . :wink:

:| dont remind me of the rust! lol!

Im planning on the fix for the rust, I just dont trust “me” enough to do it myself nor do I have enough money at the moment to get it fixed professionally. Believe me, I’m working on it though. I might have a sh*tload of OT coming at work so If anyones starts to wonder where I am, thats where.