Gude Racing

I’m sure in everyone’s search for Zx2 performance parts and mods; everyone has come across Bullfrog Gude Performance.

In the Ford Zx2 section there are 2 packages: Stinger Head Package and Stinger Turbo Package.

My question to anyone and everyone is: “Did anyone get a quote from Gude on either of those packages?”

a while back there was alot of talk about the gude products, however, i believe most of the people that bought gude stuff were unhappy with it. I am not sure if anyone on here has bought from gude, I for one havent.

I am almost positive their Turbo package is shit!


Gude kits are very poor in quality.

I have never bought anything from Gude, or named Gude because of their reputation for sucking. I have yet to hear a positive thing about Gude other than their prices being low.

  • Darron

Yea, I heard they suck also. One of the problems that have been mentioned is that the waste gate sucks, the turbo randomly spikes in psi. This is very bad, you could potentionally be driving fine 1 min, then all the sudden, BOOM, bye bye engine.

One more person to add to the “Never heard anything good about Gude” list. Their “bolt-on” turbo kit requires much modification to fit.

Thanks guys, you probably have saved me money, frustration and time.

Not a single positive yet. Thanks for your input. I will definitly take your advise and stay clear from Gude. Taking a chance is not an option for me.

You guys probably saved me a lot of money too. But has anyone tried getting Gude on here to give there side of the story. Honestley their one of the few places we can get a turbo. I was seriously concidering them. But is there really no one out there that is happy with there Gude turbo kits?


ZX2_Fast or whatever his name is (the guy with the black S/R on TeamZX2 with the Marine on the door) is a Gude fan boi.

I had gotten there header, and it’s not a bolt on to the stock components. You need to have their exhaust to put it on. That tells me I wouldn’t want anything to do with a company that only makes a header and exhaust for their own. Pretty fucking gay if you ask me. That’s all the experience I have with Gude, and all I need. I’ll never buy their shit again.

If it’s any help, those of us in the Accord V6 camp also have low opinions on Gude. They make parts, it’s just that their compatibility with anything else that isn’t theirs blows. Basically, if you want to go with Gude, you have to go with all their stuff. Kinda like how Apple and Compaq used to be.

That’s not ZX2 Fast. He’s got a green ZX2 and bought the ZXtuner header, although he has a turbo now, so I don’t know what manifold or kit he’s using. But if it’s a black Z, it’s not him.

  • Darron

It’s Kickerzx2 over on, and he’s a HUGE Gude fan. I believe Gude did most of his work… or originally did.

SeRiousZX2 is the guy you are talking about

no it is kicker he has gude and the is nothing wrong with gude its just idiots who think its just bolt on and go and thats not it at all i mean you need alot of dyno time to tune it right kicker runs around 11.5’s and 12’s

It seems that just saving money, and driving down to Gude to have them install all the parts properly, is a valid option. It just blows having to save all that kind of cash. I mean, if their stuff costs as much as, if not more than, Jayco’s… it’ll take a lot of money to get as fast as that guy who has all Gude’s products.

i was referring to this:

here is a video of kicker at the track

Yeah. LoL I always forget his name.

Kicker used to use Gude, but I’m pretty sure he uses his own stuff now. I could be wrong, but I bet it’s his own stuff.

Thats not a gude kit in that video ,I have a gude kit , he must of made it , and if you really look there is a focus header in that car .