Gude Performance Parts

hey what are everyone’s Opinions on the Gude Bullfrog header package. I got the Port and Polished Top end from them the ZXTuner Cams, Cam Gears, Valves from Gude, 4-1 racing Header from Gude, Gude racing catless exhaust, The bored out throttle body. Oh and the three layer Head Gasket from ZXTUNER. (I like Rob he is a good guy and always sends quality parts) my big question is all the Gude parts…what do you guys think of their parts/product? Cuz I am having my doubts.

Most people do not go with gude because they are expensive. But if
you already have their complete N/A package why are you having your doubts?

well when I received it looked ok, but when I took it to have the valve train installed on the head and get set to specs and put on the bottom end the shop told me it was a shady job. That the head had not been ported and polished properly if at all. They told me it was done to look like it was done by machining the walls a bit but then sprayed with a graphite spray and polish to make it look shiny as it was actually done. So in other words I got swindled. I had to pay another grand to have it fixed. pissed me off, but I figured it was too later already so I had them fix it and install it. It was running great until its started knocking and now it sounds like I have a broken tappet or busted Valve…(sounds like a small piece of metal is floating around in my engine and it gets worse with the RPMs) not to mention now it wont start at all. So I have to dismantle the motor again and see what the hell is the problem.

Yeah I would be having my doubts also then lol. Most ppl here on the forums swear by a guy named JohnP (as far as porting heads) you can get ahold of him over at

but from what I have heard about gude products for our cars have been 50/50 they are either done right or not at all.

did this other shop provide before and after flow rates for the head and their ‘fix’? if not maybe they’re the ones who shafted you. I’m not saying its what happened but I’ve always heard gude makes quality stuff

No they tested everything to make sure it was flowing right and matched all good. They did a good job. but then again I wasn’t designed specifically for the Gude drive Train that they sent me so the Valves might have not been sitting tight enough. They made sure that every thing was gaped correctly even w/o the VCT.

Did they use oversize valves? Sometimes the valves will hit each other on the overlap if careful cam selection and timing is not achieved. There are also certain cam profiles that will not work with oversize valves. I’d check this.

:o :oops: oh holy hell I cant believe I neglected this.....I feel a bit stupid now. Thanks for the tip man I will definitely do that. :D [thumbup]