Guage pods and such

I’m getting a Volt-Meter guage and an vacum guage. There wasn’t instructions on how to hook them up. Anyone know how?

You should be able to find a tutorial… try looking on Yaahoo for a right up. Sorry I can’t help you farther than that, bro.

vacum is easy it should xcome w/ hoseing a T adapter run the hose from the back of the guage thrue the fire wall into the engine bay theres a vacume line behind the intake on the passenreg side put the line from the guage to the bottom of the T Cut the vac line put in two side tips of the T then hook up the power to it i ran mine off the fog light switch and your done

This might be a dumb question but here goes.

Why would you want to monitor your vaccuum pressure? I understand the volt meter, but not the vaccuum meter.

Woops, by bad, its an air/fuel ratio gauge.

Do you already have a wide band O2 sensor?

Heh, nope. Know where I can get one?

Or, I guess I should ask is there any specific one that would work the best with a zx2?