GT rear disc pictures!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to show you what I got going on with the GT conversion! so here are some pics:



It’s really cool to look behind the rear wheels and say “Look!! Coolness where there once was none!”

How much did it cost to completely transform the back to rear disc like that Mark?

hmmm… from memory…

$120 for escort GT rear end
$150 for new calipers ($75 each + $35 core charge)
$ 30 for new rear discs (they are stockers)

$300 so far for the conversion…

I still need ebrake cable and brake pads.

Other related money’s are tied up in SS brake line and clutch line ($105), ES bushing master kit ($94), 21mm bushings ($14), Engine Mounts ($22) and Tokico struts ($156).

I could have saved on the rear end however I choose to take the whole rear end which includes spindle’s, hubs, calipers, discs, control arms which are not used, E-brake cable which i have to replace yet, and crossmember. The conversion only calls for the spindles, hubs, calipers and disc’s essentially.

As you can see I got some money tied up in this… But the basic conversion is actually pretty cheap.

good going mark im glad you finnally got it done lets see pics on how it looks on the car

I’m doing mine slowly but surely… so far it costed me:

$100 both rear spindles/knuckle with hub assembly
$25 rear ebrake cable lines

I still need to get:

2 Caliper Brackets
2 Calipers
2 Pads
2 Rotors

I have an extra caliper bracket if you want!